The Vehicle of Online Success and the Journey of Your Dreams

Online Success 7 March 2010 | 5 Comments

What is it that really drives the people that make millions online on their road to success? What is the routine that helps them get there faster? Are there any rules? Are there any secrets that they aren’t telling you?

Those questions have been in the back of my head since I first started with my online adventure in 2005. I couldn’t help thinking about how those people live and what makes them so successful. I decided I am going find out.. and I started researching and analyzing. I kept my eyes and ears open and now, 5 years later, I am anxious to share what I know with you, the things that helped me get where I am. Things that still help me every day on my way to achieving and living my dreams. That’s why I started this blog and this will be the main goal of it – to share the things that helped me get where I am right now.

There isn’t one single magical key that will make you very very successful. Are you disappointed? Well don’t be. Still there are some characteristics of the successful people and things you can easily make part of your routine on your way to living your dreams.

Are you dreaming about succeeding? Do you really really want to succeed and live the life of your dreams?

This burning desire is the vehicle that will take you where you want to be. And the fact that you landed on my blog and that you are reading those lines means that you are already on your way to Success! Here I will give you some applicable step-by-step guides that you will help you speed up and feel that you are on the right track. Everything in our world is moving faster and faster and you either keep up or get left behind. So make sure you follow my next posts to get some free advice and tips on how to stay on top of the wave.

The Vehicle of Your Online Success

Ok, so your dreams and commitment to succeed are the vehicle of your online success. No matter where you want to take your vehicle you will still need a bunch of other things to accommodate the journey.

- The first one being you knowing how to drive… or finding a driver. What I will try and do in my posts here will be like driving lessons. So you can start moving your vehicle and feel comfortable doing so till it gets so easy you start doing it without even thinking about it.

- We will still need fuel.. And what I realized in my short life so far is that the vehicle of our dreams is running on two things.. well it is not petrol, and it is not gas.. it is perspiration and dedication. I am not the kind of person that will promise you overnight success. You will have to invest some time and some sweat and some money in it. But what you will get in return is seeing your dreams manifest and living the life that you dream about. How is that for a ROI (Return on Investment)? You can’t stop at the gas station, top up your tank and just go.. you do have to pay for it but the reward is that you will have the fuel to get where you want to be. Still I want to make it very clear – Succeeding online is a lot easier than most people think. And the results can and will be mind blowing. You will need also:

- Goal. It is like knowing where you want to go. Well is it important? Let me ask you this.. Will you agree that it is better to know where you are going before boarding a plane? Or before going on a journey, do you want to know where it will take you. I do agree it is fun sometimes to just roam around.. I still do it myself. I do it in my business and also with my car.. But still the best results I achieve when I know what I want and I am focused and keep my eyes on my goal. I found that the same applies to many of the successful people, if not all of them.. So stay focused and picture your goal very clearly.

- Having a map does help. Your map is your plan. Start putting things on paper even if it is virtual paper. (You can use Google Docs – it is online and it is free and it is easy to use. The big plus is you can access it from anywhere. I will post a how to about Google Docs next week). Writing and planning is really magical. If there is one thing about how I achieve my little triumphs that I know 1000% works this is planning my next success. I plan.. and I stick to my plans. What I do is I put things on paper and then I read them every day. This has tremendous power as it helps you stay focused and reminds you of your goal. Do you agree that it will not make sense if you want to get from New York to Los Angeles to do a U turn in the middle of the trip and go to Minneapolis just like that? And when you have your map with you it will be very helpful more than once. Don’t take my words for granted, try it! I challenge you! And then share with me what happened.

There is one thing people overlook very often – who is next to you, on your way. What company you chose for your journey affects the journey itself a lot. Do you like traveling alone or will you prefer to have some good company. Well for my online business I have always preferred to have good company -  it makes the journey a lot more pleasant.  I personally love brainstorming maybe that’s why I enjoy so much the company of smart, intelligent and creative people. My advice is team up! Find people that are as passionate as you or even more about what they do. It is sooo much better to have such people around you. You will see that if you do have the right company you will reach your goals faster and it will be easier to get there. Often those people will be around you after you reach your first goals and will give you good ideas about your next journey, very often you will share same vehicle with the more than once.

To end this post as I think it is already a bit long I will just add one more thing. Your mind. Your mind is like the engine of the vehicle. It is your mind that either helps you get to where you want to go or it limits you and prevents you. I want you to realize you have a very powerful engine! I know you can achieve anything you want and I am ready to bet on that. I believe in you and I am here to tell you it is a wonderful journey and it is easier than you think! You just have to be committed to get there. Don’t wait for the right time. The right time is NOW, HERE and NOW. Don’t be like those people, who want to make a trip to some place all their life and always find an excuse not to. At the end they regret it. I believe you deserve to live the fulfilling life that you dream about. So put on your sunglasses, big smile and I wish you happy driving!

And if you feel like you need a driver, or just good company on your way just give me a shout :)

~ Vladimir Hristov

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5 Responses on “The Vehicle of Online Success and the Journey of Your Dreams”

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  2. Hey Sally, thanks for your comment :) I think this was the first comment on this blog ever so congratulations and thank you again :)

    I do believe a blog can help no matter what online business model you are using to monetize. Lead capture pages, selling products through an e-commerce or affiliate website a blog can bring substantial income and also helps you position yourself. I will share more about my blogging experience in the Blogging section here so keep your eyes open for some great resources to come.

  3. Eric Walker says:

    Hi Vlad,

    I agree with everything you have here, but I really want to re-emphasize the importance of your last paragraph about one’s MIND.

    This is often a topic that people don’t consider enough. When it comes to blogging and developing a blog. A blog is organized knowledge and organized knowledge is power and power (or influence) is a key ingredient to the acquisition of money.

    This blog is looking great so far, can’t wait to see it further developed. I will bookmark it and follow regularly.

  4. kuch konaru says:

    In truth, immediately i didn’t understand the essence. But after re-reading all at once became clear.

  5. Thomas says:

    nice post, Vlad. it’s like a short guide for start-ups!

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