Do you need a blog?

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Blogs, abbreviated from weblogs, are online journals. Well I will leave aside the regular expressions and descriptions. Here is how I see it: Blogs are a way of expressing yourself in written form.. long story short, but blogs are also a way to communicate with the world.  A huge chunk of the world’s  population is now online and when I say online I mean that they spend huge time with their palm, pda, iphone, smartphone, notebook or desktop pc.. They use those devices to connect, search, browse, read, vote, buy, sell, write, read.. Well truth is a lot of people actually live online?

In this virtual world the blogs are the new media. People that blog do it because of passion, or just to kill some time. Some of the bloggers see that as a way to pay the bills, and some make millions per year.. Newspapers and regular media are losing ground very very quickly and are being replaced by social medias and blogs.

From home entrepreneurs, small and medium companies to the fortune 500 corporations – everyone understands the power of The Blog! The corporate blog is one of the most common things for the big corporations and now even small business owners and professionals like lawyers, accountants or even your local dentist do blog. They do it because they know that is the easiest way to reach potential new clients while in the same time enhancing the relationship that they have with the current clients or partners. Providing tips and advices, following the latest trends, reviewing products,breaking news, your expert opinion – there are numerous possibilities to harness and show that you have the knowledge and you have the skills. This is bringing down the walls between you and the visitors of your website, they will be one step closer to becoming your loyal clients. Your blog can turn you in an authority expert and it is a very powerful tool.

But it also has another benefit that is at least as equally important. Usually when you have a website, no matter if you run a small or medium business or if you are just a professional  (lawyer, accountant, dentist, photographer..etc.) your website will not be very content rich – meaning that you will have less pages for the search engines to see.  (Google, Yahoo, MSN, Bing, Ask and so on.. ) A standard website has Home page, About us, Services/Products, Contact us.. that’s the most common theme. But the more content you have, the more this content is related to your business and your niche, the easier it will be for visitors to find your website  and become aware of the services and products that you offer. Take it as a lottery ticket. The more content you have the more tickets you have. I am not saying you should go out there and start posting just anything. Quality of your posts matters.

So what do you think.. can you get use of a blog?

One advice about those of you who really want to blog and make it big. Be honest. Be yourself. There is only one you. You are unique. Tell your real story and your blog will become your most powerful weapon. Leave all the hype and just be you.

That is my 2 cents on blogging

~ Vladimir Hristov

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  1. James Bashville says:


    Wonderfully practical advice, as usual. Thanks for sharing.

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